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The LVD-2001 DVD Player

High-Quality DVD Playback
Support MPEG-4 Format
Digital Home Albums
DSC Memory Card Playback On TV
Progressive Scan (480P)

I have had this player for a several months now and have been very pleased with it so far. All the standard features that other DVD players have are excellent, this is the best DVD player I have used so far. The following are my thoughts and tips for making DivX CD-R disks for this player. I hope they will be of help to you and I will be updating this page as I learn more.

The following links should be of help:


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Lite-On's LVD-2001 page


What CoDecs do I use?

The 3 video CoDecs that I have been testing with are
1) The XviD CoDec found here:
2) the DivX CoDec found here:
3) the DivX CoDec by Kristal Studio found here:

I have used all these CoDecs to successfully make CD-R disks that play fine on the LVD-2001, but, the DivX CoDec from had the poorest quality so far, I have found I get the best quality and fastest rendering from the XviD CoDec. I have to strongly suggest the XviD CoDec.

The audio CoDec I am using is the MP3 CoDec. Maybe this player will someday support the Ogg CoDec, but, until then MP3 is it.


What video/audio settings do I use?

I am currently making my XviD/MP3 movies so they fit on one 700Mb/80 Minute CD-R.

You can get better quality output by splitting the files over multiple CD-R disks or Burning the file to a DVD+R disk, and using higher setting, but, the quality I am getting is quite good and should satisfy all but the most picky.

I am using 640x512  for the video resolution. I have tried 640x480 but the movie gets trimmed off on the left and right sides. As an example, on a 100 minute video using the XviD CoDec set at 29.970 FPS @ 835 Kbps and the MP3 CoDec set at (128 kBit/s - 48,000 Hz - Stereo) I get a file that is 700 MB or a little less and fits fine on a 80Min/700MB CD-R disk, the XviD CoDec comes with a great little calculator called MiniCalc and works great for making XviD files of the proper size.

I tried files encoded with mono audio sources and this player does NOT like it. you loose the ability to fast-forward and rewind, as soon as you hit one of these buttons, the video freezes and never re-starts, I suggest you stick to stereo files.



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